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I learned from an early age the process needed to be actioned in order to achieve. This seemed to come naturally, in its own time and almost by trial and error, without me really being aware that the solid base of thought was being established first, a perceived want or need then followed by focus and daily actions, sometimes without knowing exactly why I did something at the time. That I later put down to my instinct and natural ability kicking in and being honed to a fine degree over time.

Some of it I know was just sheer blind luck but effort and luck seem to be close companions for me, whatever one might think, and so often hard work and planning is justly rewarded. This process, particularly of mental effort and focus, was hugely enhanced by my childhood location, the activities surrounding me and the friendships that were bonded in those early years. I had space and time to play and grow, enough parental control to know I was secure, but almost unlimited freedom to become who I am now. Priceless!

My Dad built the first family boat for us four kids. An eight foot length of corrugated roofing iron with a short length of pine plank for a stern to give a bit of aft width and a short length of pine timber for the stem. The roofing iron was bent and nailed to these two important pieces of timber with roofing nails and we acquired some pitch tar from somewhere which Dad showed us how to heat up and use to seal all the gaps and old nail holes that the corrugated iron had. That got us afloat and taught us so much. From there on in I have had to build all my own boats, I got my own first job as an apprentice boat builder because I wanted to know how to build my own boats and this stood me in excellent stead. Now I can design and build, or have other people do the building, from these humble beginnings with a genuine solid base of experience.

Fishing played its part too in a casual way. From being interested enough to go down to the beach of an evening when a local was rowing out a beach seine net to capture sprats and helping to pull the net ashore. Learning net shape and splashing the hauling lines to keep the capture fish frightened and in the middle of the haul until the net came ashore and the catch was ours. Learning to set up the net for the next shot. Paddling out a ‘long line’ with a few hooks on it using a surfboard and setting that in the evenings plus handlining off the rocks too. All that built a base and I learned as much on days when I might not catch anything as I did on the catching days. This remains still and I am still learning.

Sailing was a major part of my early years, again from humble beginnings, to five time NZ rep in 12ft & 18ft Skiffs and so called World Championships between Australia and New Zealand.

Sailing is just all work, risk and reward for forward progress of the vessel be it a racing skiff or any yacht. The basic knowledge to get the best out of any yacht in any conditions developed over time and is deeply installed in my psychic.

This website is all about presenting a very clever and very soundly based SAIL-ASSISTED modern fishing vessel design primarily for the offshore trolling of TUNA as a premium product to feed the worlds fish eating population. How I have gone about the working up of this design is written in the information and history as set out on this page. A bringing together of a wealth of time and experience into one vessel to do one particular fishing method for one species of fish but to do it really well.

The crews who work these vessels will know how lucky they are to be on board, to live this life, be happy in their work and produce the best product for the market.

That this vessel design would also fit into the world cruising and mini superyacht market, fitted out accordingly, is incidental to me.

Best regards
Rodney Davidson
Kansai Fishing Company

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