PERFORMANCE is more than an extra knot or two, THIS VESSEL is a package that includes both volume and comfort.

A SUPERYACHT in every sense of the word ...

... the X-FACTOR & SOUL from this fabulous innovative Rodney Davidson design.

"I do not do many designs but those I have done are exceptional and from the heart, all contain the X-Factor of Soul within."

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  • this hull of mine with stepped out topsides from what underwater is essentially a fine yacht hull and easily driven with minimal main engine power actually gains in buoyancy from this as it settles in the water under load i.e: owners needs/wants for comfort level of lifestyle within the volume of interior space.
  • the simplicity of the rig for ease of use by the lesser experienced sailing personnel to still have the advantage of sail assisted power reducing main engine load/engine noise pollution/engine exhaust pollution/crew fatigue from constant engine noise/the romance under sail factor and of course the fuel use reduction by a factor of as much as 50% under the most favourable conditions at sea while passage making.
  • the Helmsman's second level station height advantage both underway and docking for ease of manoeuvrability particularly with a twin engine configuration assisting the Helmsman to make controlled manoeuvring a pleasure and not an ordeal to be faced at the end of a long passage.
  • all sail hoists are undertaken from the top deck outside of the Helmsman's second level position giving ultimate control to that station point at any time and just requiring the sheeting in of the headsails to be carried out on deck by crew. This could be controlled from this level too with very modern power winches and if coupled with roller furling on all working sails almost to the point that a vessel of this size could be single handed by the right Master in control.

CHARTER work anywhere in the world - this vessel would make an excellent chartering vessel.

  • maximum crew needed would be Master and one Deckhand to operate this vessel effectively. The addition of one Chef would be perfect, if required, to make up the complement.
  • lower deck area has been kept clear of mast rigging apart from two forestays. The upper Helmsman's level deck is available for socialising and sunbathing with easy communication directly to the helm. That in turn gives sun shade beneath the aft coach roof level with similar excellent inside/outside communications to the main saloon and galley.
  • the upper level Observation level will be very popular also with good communication down to either the helm beneath or outside to the second level Social gathering deck - morning, noon and night.

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